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Ascension Mastery International shines out the word that we are divine, unlimited and free.

We are remembering our divinity, to express on earth the greatness we have within. We are assisted by masters who have self-realized before us, and we help those coming after us until we all, including Earth herself, move into the age of light.

As we recognize we are without limits, we begin to choose and create what is harmonious with our heart. This may include:

  • Giving to life, fulfilling our purposes
  • Happy and balanced relationships
  • An abundance of good
  • Rejuvenation
  • Immortality of form
  • Stepping back and forth through the dimensions
  • Travel by thought
  • Manifestation from the air

Joanna Cherry, M.A., M.Ed., M.M.S., Founder of AMI and author, has taught ascension worldwide since 1983. She is a speaker at world symposiums, and is listed in World Who's Who of Women. Joanna shares profound, empowering initiations from her own guidance.

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