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Joanna Cherry has been an international speaker and workshop leader since 1980. You are welcome to visit Joanna's site at to order her CD's. Thank you

As well as a Master degree in Education, she has both a Master and a Doctorate of Ministerial Science. She has authored many articles and two books: Living Mastery, and Self Initiations. What inspires her most is the divinity and unlimited potential of humanity.

In 1986 Joanna founded Ascension Mastery International (AMI), teaching that we are able to transcend any limitation and rise to full mastery. Her teaching comes direct from her own inner guidance and experience. Developing a clear connection with one痴 higher self; discovering and fulfilling life痴 purposes; love and happiness in relationships; health and healing; prosperity; ascension; immortality; rejuvenation; and many other subjects are encompassed in her teaching.The new weekend workshop Ascension and Immortality, her first in nearly 15 years, is now being offered. See the Workshops page. She has also developed a three-level training, Living Mastery; the outline can be viewed on the same page.Through AMI Joanna offers sacred images of masters and ascended masters, angels and deities probably the world's largest, most beautiful and diverse collection溶ow in homes and stores around the world. She lives and works in Mt. Shasta, California.

Living Mastery, by Joanna Cherry

One of the wonders of our time is that we are exploring a frontier unimaginable before. The greatness of each individual is poised to shine forth. This book will stimulate ancient memories of mastery within you to blossom once again! It is full of fascinating true accounts of people discovering their mastery, and deep exploration of vital aspects of our lives.

Living Mastery is the first book of a set of two; the second is Self Initiations, described below. Published by Oughten House, ISBN 1-880666-68-5.


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