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Thank you so much for allowing us to serve you and our spiritual community. We have not raised our prices once in 25 years and we are implementing a price increase March 16th 2019. With Love and Gratitude, AMI

We sell beautiful spiritul art.

We happily offer the inspiring images herein, and would like to suggest that you see in each master, angel or deity a reflection of your own greatness. That is really the "job" of each high being, and the purpose for which we send their images out into the world. (See our Mission Statement below.)

The 5x7 images are protected by thick, optical quality lamination to last a lifetime. The 8x10’s are protected with a removable sleeve. Posters and wallet sizes are available in particular images. All measurements are in inches.

Due to computer screen limitations the image quality on your screen cannot reflect the stunning brilliance and clarity of the actual images you will receive when ordering from us. Many images appear darker than in real life due to shrinking the images to thumbnails.

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