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Ascension Mastery International Wholesale Application

Thank you so much for your interest in AMI spiritual products. We offer quality spiritual prints and awareness guide charts that are laminated for durability and display. We also have a brick & mortar shop at the base of Mount Shasta, California. We appreciate your patience and understanding that email orders and orders through our website are more efficient for us with the exponential growth of our shop, Shasta Rainbow Angels.

In order to operate in compliance, we need to receive your completed Wholesale Application via email scan or mail before we can fulfill any orders.

Please remit this form and a copy of your Resellers License/Permit and we will respond with an email with the password to place your order online. Please limit phone orders from April through November.

Minimum order $100
Priority shipping: We ship all our items priority mail and package for protection. Request insurance on your order if you wish to be able to make a claim for damages in shipping.

Credit Card Payment required at the time of order.

Thank you so much.




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